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About Circuit Training

1. Get the benefit of tower/reformer, core align and combo/exo chair work for a fun workout in a small group.

2. Ten week programs enable you to dig deep into the exercises to reach your goals.

3. Stay motivated with the power of a group.

Pricing is based on number of sessions or combination of services bundled for a package price. Special annual pricing is available and payable monthly with a one year commitment. Give me a call to get the details.
1. Following introductory sessions, all packages must be paid in full in advance of the start of the first package session.
2. All packages are non-refundable and sessions expire 6 months from date of purchase.
3. 24 hour cancellation policy – Please contact the studio at least 24 hours prior to your session to reschedule. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged for the session. All clients are given 2 late cancellations during the calendar year to account for the unforeseen.
4. Footwear – Toe Socks (sticky bottom socks), Flexible sports shoes (for core align), or socks must be worn in the studio.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take 3 private sessions?

Duet and Circuit training are great ways to take Pilates with a friend at a great rate. However, it is important that I have a sense of your ability level and movement patterns and you are familiar with the equipment before starting one of these programs. The private sessions also give you an opportunity to privately ask questions, review medical history and review medications, etc that may effect your experience.

Why do you need to know my medical history?

Your medical history is important! Everyone practicing in this studio completes a Client Profile containing areas to note past surgeries, current challenges and a list of all medications you are taking. Also, by signing the Waiver you are acknowledging that you are cleared by a doctor to exercise. Certain conditions and medications require modifications to movement and exercise, if I don’t have all the info I can’t protect you properly. Your continued health and safety is my first priority!

Is there an age limit?

In short no. Pilates was created based in part on the observation of children and animals and their efficiency of movement. That said, for younger people the work is modified until approximately age 12 or until the growth plates are closed. There is no upper age limit provided you are cleared for exercise by your doctor. I have worked with people from age 10 to age 80+. Just so you know an 80 year old that never took Pilates or Yoga before his 80th birthday was one of my fastest improving students. Truly a star!

What do I wear?

Pants or capris that are somewhat fitted to allow the movement of the body to be observed are perfect. Shorts and workout skorts are not recommended due to the various planes of movement. Fitted or semi fitted shirts or tank tops are ideal for on top. The basic goal is to be able to move freely, but enable me to see hyperextending elbows or bent knees or hula hips, to basically keep ya honest.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a one hour class created for a group of four to six students. The circuit class is designed in ten week sessions using a combination of tower/reformer, core align, Pilates chairs and mat repertoire. Each ten week session contains a comprehensive full body work out. Each class begins with centering exercise, followed by warm up, circuit, and group cool down. Prior to each 10 week session students will need to attend a private or  duet session to learn the suite of exercises for the upcoming session. This gives students an opportunity to experience all of the exercises in a semi-private session and get a feel for the workout components. The Circuit will be rotated every 10 weeks with a semi-private training week in between sessions.

Circuit training may be right for you if you:

  • Want a faster paced group based workout.
  • Are part of team looking for team based cross training for your sport.

Let’s get started!

Pricing is based on your commitment.

Package NameNumber of SessionsPer Session PricePackage Price
Private Sessions - Required for new students.3 private sessions with pkg$80.00$240.00
See a Difference Circuit10 Sessions$30.00$300.00
Pilates 20 Circuit20 Sessions$25.00$500.00
Best of Both Worlds10 Private Sessions and 10 Circuit Sessions$75.00/$25.00$1000.00
Special annual pricing is available if you commit to a full year of training.

Private Training

Private TrainingInterested in diving deeper into improving your movement and performance through an individualized program focused on your specific movement habits and challenges?

Duet Training

Duet Training This program is designed for a team of two training together for one hour sessions.  Duet teams must be a similar fitness level and ability to ensure that both see progress from a team centered program.

Small Group Classes

Small Group The mixed class format includes, Pilates Mat, Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Foam Roller class and Ring Toner class. Some weeks the formats are combined, other weeks we dive a bit deeper into one area.

My Pilates Story

My Pilates Story In the winter of 2006, my left knee joint was punctured in a car accident. Fortunately no one else was injured and the structure of my knee was relatively unaffected. I had around twenty stitches…

Why I do what I do.

Habits are invisible. Movement just happens. You don't actively think about how to stand up and walk across a room. Right?? Unless a foot or knee or hip are not working as they should then it can be tough or downright painful.

The human body is an amazing instrument and everyone’s is different. Some people have long limbs and short torsos, some have long torsos and short limbs, some are lean and naturally muscular, others work hard to build strength and even harder to gain and maintain flexibility, while more still have such flexibility in their elbows, knees, shoulders and hips that the muscles need to work overtime to protect them from injury. Or more commonly learn how to recover.

Pilates and Yoga Therapy are tools I have used to rehab injuries for myself and post-rehab with my clients. I know what it is like to work through an injury. It is extremely rewarding to guide my clients on their path to strengthen, re-balance, and improve their overall functional fitness.

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