PicSo over the last several weeks I have laid out my 5 part motivation matrix. These are the tools I use to keep myself moving.

    1. Set a goal – Goals give us a deadline, something to work toward and an event to hold ourselves accountable to.
    2. Get in gear – Having dedicated attire helps to keep us on task. If we get up and put our workout clothes on straight away or change out of the work clothes at the end of the day and don the running clothes that we only use for that purpose we are much more likely to get to number 3.
    3. Get moving – Once you get moving, track your progress. Whether you mark it on the calendar with pen and paper or use your favorite app and computer seeing your progress and commitment in black and white is motivational within itself.
    4. Turn up the tunes – Experiment with your playlists. Find those artists and albums that keep you moving and motivate your footsteps

The vast majority of us have motivational challenges. It is a rare person who naturally gets in their exercise without a bit of effort. Let’s face it, we all fall off the wagon from time to time.

Enter part 5 of my Motivation Matrix – Embrace the break, and then get back on track!

It is ok to take a break, be it a day off or a week off. It might be to allow a budding injury to pass without further impact or because you have a cold, or an event leaving time short. Or perhaps it just got super cold out and it’s a little harder to work up the motivation! Hmmm I think that is happening here in Northern VA right now, though the last few days have been perfect outdoor exercise weather. (Now if a month passes, we may need to have a chat *smile*).

Whatever the reason, it is ok and totally normal! Enjoy the break, give yourself permission to get a little rest and then get back on track without any guilt.

I would love to hear from you! What are your motivation challenges and tricks? Leave them in the comments below!