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New Year Classes

Wow I cannot believe the new year is already here. December was a blur. But now it’s time to get back on track and set those new year goals. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered with two great small group class offerings. Take these on their own or combine them with some private or semi-private training to boost your progress and get the best value all the way around.

Small group mat class:  – 12 week session Tuesdays 7-8pm (January 7 – March 25) $144 for the series or $20 per individual class

Small group mat classes are one hour classes with a maximum of 8 students. The mixed class format includes, Pilates Mat, Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Foam Roller class and Ring Toner class. This is truly a melody of formats. Some weeks the formats are combined to work across disciplines and other weeks we dive a bit deeper into one area. It is not uncommon in these classes for the format and pace of the class to be set by the participants based on what is requested/needed after a long day.

Pilates Circuit – 11 week sessions beginning the week of Monday, January 13th Pricing for Circuit Training Packages can be found here. Contact me with any questions.

Circuit training is a one hour class created for a group of four to six students. The circuit class is designed in ten week sessions using a combination of tower/reformer, core align, Pilates chairs and mat repertoire. Each ten week session contains a comprehensive full body work out. Each class begins with centering exercise, followed by warm up, circuit, and group cool down. Prior to each 10 week session students will need to attend a private or  duet session to learn the suite of exercises for the upcoming session. This gives students an opportunity to experience all of the exercises in a semi-private session and get a feel for the workout components.

Circuit Class Schedule: (running 11 weeks from Jan. 13th thru the week of Mar. 24th)

  • Evenings – Monday and/or Thursday 7:15 to 8:15pm
  • Mornings – Monday and Wednesday 9:30to 10:30am and  Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-11:30am

If you are interested, but do not see a time that works for you, please contact me with your availability. Additional sections will be formed as interest and schedule allows. A minimum of 4 Students is required to hold a section.

To reserve your spot in one or more of these classes contact me. Please specify the class(es) you want to reserve. Class size is limited so reserve today and let me help you get on the path to meeting your fitness goals this year!

Got Questions? Do not hesitate to call 703-728-6333 or Email me! Hope to see you in the studio soon.

Why I do what I do.

Habits are invisible. Movement just happens. You don't actively think about how to stand up and walk across a room. Right?? Unless a foot or knee or hip are not working as they should then it can be tough or downright painful.

The human body is an amazing instrument and everyone’s is different. Some people have long limbs and short torsos, some have long torsos and short limbs, some are lean and naturally muscular, others work hard to build strength and even harder to gain and maintain flexibility, while more still have such flexibility in their elbows, knees, shoulders and hips that the muscles need to work overtime to protect them from injury. Or more commonly learn how to recover.

Pilates and Yoga Therapy are tools I have used to rehab injuries for myself and post-rehab with my clients. I know what it is like to work through an injury. It is extremely rewarding to guide my clients on their path to strengthen, re-balance, and improve their overall functional fitness.

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