Happy New Year! How was your first week of 2016? Seems like everywhere I go this week I hear people talking about their New Years Resolutions.

The good ole new years resolution. Tell me something, if you are one of the 45% of people that set a new years resolution, will you be among the 8% to successfully meet your goal? I guess that depends on your expectation of success. Do you expect to be successful? Do you really want to be? I will give you a minute to think about that…

Welcome back, so are you in the 8% that will still be going strong with that resolution later in 2016? Or did you think well it is January 8th and I still have not gotten off the couch to start exercising or put down the doughnut (I really miss doughnuts btw, damn gluten)? Or maybe you headed out to the gym on January 1st or 2nd and you have not been able to move since. (In case you have not tried Pilates, this does not happen in the Pilates studio, we work hard and get results without pain lasting for days after).

Now let me ask the question a little differently. When you set that new years resolution or perhaps when you did not set a resolution did you do so with the lingering thought in the back of your mind that your resolution was perhaps out of reach or too hard to stay with to really achieve long term? Or is it something you want to achieve for your life beyond all obstacle? Is your resolution lofty without milestones to get you incrementally to the desired outcome? Or is the desired outcome really desired at all? Or is it merely conforming to some perceived or perhaps imposed ideal from someone else, a loved one, healthcare professional, etc?

If you do not believe that your resolution is possible, you have two choices. Option 1. Toss it out now. Really how on earth will you achieve it if you don’t believe it is achievable from the outset? Or option 2. Change your expectation. Dan Millman writes “New expectations breed new choices. Don’t wait for experiences to confirm them. Create a new vision of who you would become, and you surely will become it.”

I was having a conversation with a client during the last week of 2015. I said “I can’t wait until next year when you do a 10k”. Her response, “I have no need to do a 10k”. I said “yes and a year ago you had no need to do a 5k, ultimately you did it and you are signed up for 4 more in 2016”. She smiled.

In 2014 her expectation was that walking was hard and it was painful. In her past it was both of those things. Truth be told the 5k we did last New Years Eve was to dispel the believe as still being true. After successfully walking several 5k distances for training practice, the day of the race came. The belief that it was going to be hard and painful was super strong. We did it anyway. Following successful completion of the race she was amazed to find how much stronger she was and how not painful the experience was on that day. Today she knows that she can finish, she expects that she can. This does not mean the memory of the past does not creep in from time to time, it does mean she has the ability to acknowledge what once was and replace it with what is and believe in what can be. She can create the new vision.

With this belief the goal is possible and her commitment to increase her cardio in 2016, she will be successful. Her plan is already in motion, four 5ks evenly spaced over 2016. Each one will require the weekly small steps of preparation, each 5k is a milestone, after each milestone the new goal for the small steps to reach the next milestone will be created. Before she knows it the goal will be achieved and all the physical and psychological benefits of this deeper cardio practice will create new movement habits to carry into 2017.

How can you create positive 2016 goals you are committed to and create belief in the desired outcome? I believe in you. I would love if you would share with me your big 2016 movement goals. You can always contact me at jennifer@fitnessdesignsolutions.com.

I truly believe everyone should move for at least an hour everyday, not necessarily a contiguous hour, an hour none the less. I also believe that with the proper mindset, preparation and action this can be done successfully by all humans if you are capable of performing the action of sitting and standing you can keep improving and increasing your movement.

In 2016 I will be blogging on the topics of fitness and movement; the mindset and preparation to get started and action of getting and staying moving. I hope you will join me and share your questions and experiences with me.

Happy first week of 2016.