As I sat down to write this blog I googled the title. The result was 844,000,000 in 43 seconds. I guess lots of people are talking about this, so there must be something to it.

The basic summary of the top line items was that successful people start before they feel completely ready. As Richard Branson put it while on a panel with other business executives “Screw it, just get on and do it.” (If you want to read the story about how he started his airline, it is worth the read, you can see it here).

When I ran my first marathon it was not because I had been running for years and needed a new challenge. It was because a postcard dropped in my mailbox asking me to “go farther than I had gone before”. I didn’t throw that card away with the other junk mail. I honestly CANNOT tell you why, I was not really considering it. Instead I started a poll asking people what they would pay (sponsor me) to see me run a marathon. Most people said I’d pay some bucks to see that. My mom, however, said I wasn’t a runner and it sounded ridiculous. So of course I had to do it. Mind you I did not just go out and run a marathon. I joined the running program on the postcard, raised some sponsor dollars for the fundraising and 6 months later ran the Marine Corps Marathon. That does not mean there are no other things that I have waited to start until it seemed like the right time. And as some of these things do, the time never came. I’m sure we all have a bucket list item that passed its expiration or an item that is lingering in the back of our mind but we are just not quite ready to get started or that seems outside of our reach, whatever the reason.

I am often contacted by folks months before they are mentally prepared to get started. Sometimes it is for a practical time reason, for example, after you retire your time is more your own and there is more space for a new pursuit. But sometimes it is our own mind stuff getting in our way holding us back from the next adventure in the unknown.

Spring is nearly here. At least the calendar says it begins this week! What better time to move your desire to feel better, look better and live longer through better movement forward.

  • * Is there something on that bucket list that would be achievable if you felt better or moved in a better way, maybe with reduced discomfort?
  • * Are you feeling a little stiff from this cold winter and looking forward to the golf season with a bit of apprehension?
  • * Are you looking forward to a family beach vacation and the idea of playing with the kids in the sand makes your back ache a bit?

Any of these sound familiar? If so, drop me an email or give me a call to chat about your goals to get you on your way to achieving them. There is no more perfect time to start than now!

Happy Spring!