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Are You Ready to Take the Challenge?

After 10 sessions you’ll notice a difference, after 20 sessions others will notice, and after 30 you’ll have a whole new body. Joseph Pilates

I work with desk dwellers in desperate need of posture rehab, courageous survivors working through treatment and recovery from cancer, and people who want to look better, feel better, live longer if they could just get moving! The only problem is you are in pain, hate to exercise, or really just don’t know where to start. That is where I can help. I offer a variety of fitness options that will meet you where you are and transform you into the pain free, confident you that you know you can be.

I love people like you who are up for the challenge! My promise to you is that we can have you looking better, feeling better, and living longer through better movement in less than 4 months. You’re an action taker so let’s get straight to the heart of the matter here. This is all about you.

What’s in this for you? What do YOU get?

  1. better posture – relax those shoulders at last
  2. walking with better form, less effort, and reduced pain
  3. improving your balance
  4. increasing mobility and reducing pain
  5. achieving goals you don’t know you have yet
  6. fitting into your favorite skinny jeans straight out of the dryer

Sound like Mission Impossible? I get it and that’s ok. We start with an introductory session where I conduct a complete movement evaluation, so that I can understand exactly where you are with your strength, flexibility, posture, and comfort level with exercise. This gives us a baseline to measure our progress. The next step is creating a personal Pilates Promise plan for you. This is a custom plan made specifically for you and it is awesome because this means you get the results your body needs now.

Over the course of less than 4 months you and I will partner together to follow your personalized Pilates promise plan.

At the conclusion of our time together, I promise you will have a new view on movement and exercise and be ready for your next challenge!

After 10 sessions you’ll notice a difference, after 20 sessions others will notice, and after 30 you’ll have a whole new body. Joseph Pilates

Why I do what I do.

Habits are invisible. Movement just happens. You don't actively think about how to stand up and walk across a room. Right?? Unless a foot or knee or hip are not working as they should then it can be tough or downright painful.

The human body is an amazing instrument and everyone’s is different. Some people have long limbs and short torsos, some have long torsos and short limbs, some are lean and naturally muscular, others work hard to build strength and even harder to gain and maintain flexibility, while more still have such flexibility in their elbows, knees, shoulders and hips that the muscles need to work overtime to protect them from injury. Or more commonly learn how to recover.

Pilates and Yoga Therapy are tools I have used to rehab injuries for myself and post-rehab with my clients. I know what it is like to work through an injury. It is extremely rewarding to guide my clients on their path to strengthen, re-balance, and improve their overall functional fitness.

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Look Better, Feel Better, & Live Stronger Through Better Movement