Meet Jenn!

After over 10 years of getting clients moving again after illness and injury, I am an expert at helping you look better, feel better, and live Stronger through better movement.

I work with desk dwellers in desperate need of posture rehab, courageous survivors working through treatment and recovery from cancer, and people who want to look better, feel better, live stronger if they could just get moving! The only problem is you are in pain, hate to exercise, or really just don’t know where to start. That is where I can help.

I offer a variety of fitness options that will meet you where you are and transform you into the pain free, confident you that you know you can be. There’s no denying it, I love what I do and my clients love the results!

Are you ready to stop letting your mind and your body decide what you are capable of?

Are you ready to truly move into living and loving your life?

If you are saying, “Yes!” Let me help you get started. 

Hi My Name is Jenn!

I understand first hand as well as professionally how frustrating and debilitating not being able to move your body can be emotionally, physically, and psychologically. I have used the tools in my toolkit to get people like you moving again after illness or injury.

I not only know the principles of movement therapy, I’ve felt them work in my own body after both injury and sidelining illness. In fact, I have received all of these therapies following a car accident in 2006 to rehab a knee trauma and later following a bilateral mastectomy in 2016. This makes me uniquely qualified to understand what you may be experiencing, often both physically and psychologically.

Early in my Pilates career, many clients who were recovering from cancer came to see me, so I sought out additional training and became a Cancer Exercise Specialist. Little did I know the influence that this work would have on my own personal health journey nearly a decade later.

My Health Journey


In April of 2016, two days after the hands down, best physical of my life, I had a routine mammogram that discovered not one, not two, but three small spots of concern.

In the days and weeks that followed I had an ultrasound, breast MRI, and biopsy to confirm my diagnosis. The MRI stated a 95% chance of malignancy, so when I saw my breast surgeon for the biopsy, I already had a plan in mind.

As she was preparing to do the biopsy, I said, “I am sure people who know too much can be a pain in the behind. That said, I decided a long time ago, if I was ever faced with this, I’m taking them off and getting an upgrade.” She laughed and said let’s confirm what we are looking at, while at the same time conceding that the MRI was not a pretty one. Four days later we had the flavor of the tumors and I was off to the Plastic Surgeon to finalize the plan.

In my case, my surgical options were less invasive and my recovery time was quite fast because I was in good physical shape before my diagnosis. I was back to work 11 days after bilateral mastectomy surgery and only rescheduled two days of client meetings during 18 weeks of chemotherapy. I share my story in the hope that it helps propel people to start moving today and make health a non-negotiable on your to do list. We never know what tomorrow holds!

My own cancer journey showed me that often our hearts, our bodies and our heads are not on the same page following injury or illness.

Our heart feels like we should be where we were before injury or illness. Our body has been impacted by our circumstance and can’t perform at its previous level. And our head intellectually understands the divide, yet struggles to accept and reconcile the two.

My mission is to get the heart, body and head back on the same page.

…safely and get people moving sooner, in a way that challenges them without negatively impacting the body systems under repair. Meeting you where you are, and helping you feel successful and positive about this new fitness journey, keeps you moving forward. After my own cancer diagnosis, I saw a real need for a space where people could get feedback from others who had been there and be supported through the diagnosis and seemingly endless decision making process.

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