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Not bouncing back from injury or illness the way that you want? No idea where to start?

You are in the right place.

The way your body recovers from injury or illness and the way it moves, should move, reacts, and interacts with your environment is as unique as your fingerprint.

It’s not an understatement to say You are YOUnique .

Yet the way we are expected to recover from injury or illness is kind of a one size fits all approach.

How’s that one size fits all approach working?

  • Is it any wonder we leave PT and still have stiffness in our knee replacements
  • What if you’re learning to walk again after a stroke and you still feel uncertain on your feet?
  • Experiencing side effects from cancer treatment that you feel are being brushed aside as insignificant, yet they are impacting your ability to function every day?
  • And pain…it’s estimated that nearly 20% of adults experience chronic pain….that is chronic pain that keeps us from playing with our kids, walking our dogs, taking trips, and living life!

It’s safe to say that the one size fits all approach to recovery or living our healthiest life isn’t working.

Whether you’re 80 years old or 24 years old, if something has halted your life, movement is the medicine you need. Fitness Design Solutions supports you with younique proven simple-to-use tools that create real-world, life-changing results in your body, mind, and life….

Combining evidence based, proven solutions including, massage therapy, movement techniques like Pilates, yoga and cardio, combined with integrative health and wellness coaching that meets you where your body and mind are so we can partner together to get you where you want to be. Not just surviving but thriving.

Surviving is just the beginning….Let’s get you moving again.

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Has life thrown you a curve ball?

  • Only feeling 80% after surgery, joint replacement, or physical therapy?
  • Stroke, Parkinson, MS, have you unsteady on your feet?
  • Don’t remember what it feels like to live pain-free? 

Need proven solutions to feel better now?

Well, you’re in the right place!

You ARE a cancer survivor the day you are diagnosed.

  • Can’t concentrate, stay on task, or brain fog wearing you out?
  • Did treatment leave you with chronic pain that just won’t quit?
  • Neuropathy got you unsteady on your feet?

Did you know studies found exercise lowers the risk of  cancer recurrence by approximately 30%?

No idea where to start and fearful of an injury or increased pain?

Starting, Starting Over, Or Reaching For a Big Goal?

  • You want to start exercising but:
  • You hate exercise
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You used to work out but life happened
  • You have a big goal in mind but, You tried on your own and it didn’t go the way you wanted?

Are you ready for a coach who can get you started and get you across the finish line pain-free?

Heard of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL)?

  • EVERY breast cancer survivor has a lifetime risk for BCRL.
  • The more types of treatment you received, the higher your risk.
  • Never get blood pressure checks, vaccines, blood draws, or IVs on your affected arm.
  • If your affected arm sometimes feels heavy, tingly, achy, it may be a sign of early BCRL.

Is this all new information?

Don’t worry we have you covered.

Ready to put our evidence based tools and proven solutions to work for you?

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