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Has life thrown you a curve ball?

  • Only 80% after surgery, joint replacement, or physical therapy?
  • Stroke, Parkinson, MS, have you unsteady on your feet?
  • Don’t remember what it feels like to live pain-free?

Need proven solutions to feel better now?

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You ARE a cancer survivor the day you are diagnosed.

  • Can't concentrate, stay on task, or brain fog wearing you out?
  • Did treatment leave you with chronic pain that just won’t quit?
  • Neuropathy got you unsteady on your feet?
  • Have you heard about Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema?

Did you know studies found exercise lowers the risk of  cancer recurrence by approximately 30%?

No idea where to start and fearful of an injury or increased pain?

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Starting, Starting Over, Or Reaching For a Big Goal

  • Your Dr. wants you to start exercising. You want to feel better, but you hate exercise and don't know where to even start?
  • You used to work out, then life happened. You’re ready to start again but what does that even look like?
  • You have a big goal in mind. Maybe you tried on your own and it didn't go the way you wanted.

Are you ready for a coach who can get you started and get you across the finish line pain-free?


Let’s be honest.

You are not a textbook.

Nor should your body be treated as one.

The way your body moves, should move, reacts, and interacts to your environment is as unique as your fingerprint.

And it is because of how unique you are, there is no one size fits all approach to your perfect exercise plan. The key is to find what works for you and what makes you happy. Because let’s face it, if you dread it, you will not do it. That does not serve you.

I have learned a lot about my own body and the high importance movement plays in keeping it happy in this post  surgery, post chemo, tamoxifen taking world I now live in. Using cardio, Pilates, yoga, lymphatic drainage techniques and good old mindset work on the days it just seems too hard to get moving keeps me moving and pain free.

I can help  you too with easy, simple to use tools that create real world, life changing results in your body, mind, and life.

And no matter if you work with me in person or virtually- it is this customized approach that you will receive.

Live in the Washington D.C. area? (I’m in  Ashburn, VA) Let’s work together in person. In person work can include Therapeutic massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pilates and Restorative Yoga.

Not local to Washington D.C. virtual coaching may be the jumpstart you need to get back to feeling like you. Or even better then you did before!

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