We have days for everything! Every cancer, every medical condition, donuts, dogs, cats… you name it, there is a day or a month for it.

Now tell me, are you up to date on your checkups, screenings, etc.? Are you ignoring some nagging shoulder, back, neck pain?

It is a rare client that calls and says, “I woke up with this pain in my neck, can I get in for a massage?”

Usually, I get a call that goes like this. “I cannot turn my head to the left. Can you help me?” Then the next question is “Can you fix it in an hour?”

You didn’t get to “I can’t turn my head.” in an hour, and it can’t be fixed that quickly either.

Cancer is no different. The earlier it is found the less invasive the treatment. Not every type has straight forward screening and sometimes less obvious cancers can be over looked. Staying consistent with our checkups and screenings can lower your risks and
improve your outcomes.

So, if you need to schedule a checkup, screening, or other wellbeing appointment drop it in the comments and let the community help remind you how important it is to make that call and keep the appointment!

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