CCN with Jenn Cochran: Episode 1 Meet Jenn and guest Maid Brigade Angels

Welcome to the Cancer Cliff Notes™ Podcast with Jenn Cochran. Surviving really is just the beginning. In this episode Jenn shares some of her journey and how this podcast came to be. In the second half she is joined by Maid Brigade where they share their commit to supporting those in need within the communities they serve.

Additional Episodes

Cancer Truth Note: #2

We have days for everything! Every cancer, every medical condition, donuts, dogs, cats... you name it, there is a day or a month for it. Now tell me, are you up to date on your checkups, screenings, etc.? Are you ignoring some nagging shoulder, back, neck pain? It is...

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Cancer Truth Note: 1

Six years ago on December 2nd I had my last chemo treatment. To most people the end of treatment equals the end of cancer. The next day we hear... "Treatment is over, your good right., cancer free, 100%?" It's not really a question so much as it is an assumption and a...

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