Episode 52: Advocate for Your Health with Jodie Lin

Although hundreds of thousands are diagnosed with cancer each year, as individuals we still feel alone through our journey. Sometimes just speaking out about our experiences can bring a community together to support one another. Our guest on this week’s episode, Jodie Lin, is a two-time breast cancer survivor thriver whose cancer journey led her to become a certified health and wellness coach and holistic cancer coach. She helps people transform their lives by achieving a  healthy balance in their diet and exercise habits. Join us to hear more about Jodie’s experiences with her cancer diagnoses, doctors, and road to recovery, as she shows us why the journey is better together than alone.

Tune in to hear:

  • Jodie shares why she thought she did “everything right” before she was diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Why you MUST voice your concerns to your doctor when something doesn’t feel right with your body
  • Jodie and I share our difficulties with Celiacs Disease and therapy drugs
  • Our TOP CLUES you might need a new doctor (and why advocating is so important!)
  • Why you should embrace being “followed” by your oncologist (even after you complete your treatments!)
  • Jodie tells more about her experience with post-mastectomy intercostal neuralgia
  • And much more!

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