Episode 40:Health Screenings – How to Navigate the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Recommendations

We’ve all heard that we should be getting regular checkups; but the recommendations out there for WHAT to get and WHEN are often confusing, inconsistent, and sometimes even hard to find! No matter where you are on your cancer journey (and even if you have never had cancer!), whether you have a family history of cancer or not, and even when you feel you are healthy and fit, you NEED to be making preventative care a priority. On today’s episode, I’m decoding the recommended schedule for checkups and screenings and why there’s no excuse not to get many of them every year. 

In this episode, I’m diving into:

  • What to look for when analyzing recommendations and research
  • How to navigate your healthcare when it feels like the recommendations are more of a “choose your own adventure” novel than a healthcare guide for dummies
  • The surprises I found when I dug up the recommendations around screening timelines
  • How to manage and navigate changing and conflicting preventative screening guidelines
  • Why specialists are so important and I recommend having a specialist for everything
  • The specialist you probably weren’t told about during your cancer treatment that can help you prevent debilitating consequences
  • And so much more! 

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