Episode 56: Exercise and Positivity after Breast Cancer w/ Sherri Wagliardo

With the discovery of three tumors in the one year between her annual mammograms, Sherri Wagliardo’s story is a reminder that no one is prepared for a cancer diagnosis. Sherri, a VP of sales for S3 Staffing and mom of two, is talking with me this week about her journey with Stage 1 lobular carcinoma breast cancer. She’s looking back on her diagnosis and mastectomy (being cancer free since December 30, 2019) and sharing the most important things she did to achieve full mobility during recovery to find her new normal — all with her spin of positivity. 

We’re diving into:

  • Why Sherri made the decision to only have a single mastectomy
  • A surprising question the plastic surgeon asked her, and what that meant for her confidence level
  • Our similar experiences with “scanxiety” — the anxiety of waiting for results or doctors
  • The little saying that was some of the best advice Sherri received from her doctor
  • Why the doctor sent Sherri to physical therapy BEFORE her surgery, and the huge impact it had on her recovery
  • My thoughts on why everybody has the ability to get back to full mobility with physical therapy (and finding pain relief through exercise)
  • A break down of axillary cording – what it is, what it feels like, and the benefit of exercise on loosening them
  • Surprising statistics on the impact of physical therapy on lymphedema recovery
  • The delayed realization Sherri experienced about her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery — and how this reflects her on-the-go personality
  • And so much more!

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