Episode 59:  Living Life on Purpose with Andrea Campbell

Your life’s focus and purpose can change quickly after a cancer diagnosis. Re-evaluating what matters and what was significant in her life was most important for my guest this week, Andrea Campbell — two-time cancer survivor, speaker, transformational coach, and author of “The Beautiful Journey: Finding Purpose Through Cancer.” She’s passionate about sharing her cancer journey to empower people to believe in themselves and live their lives on purpose. In this episode, Andrea opens up about the intentional ways she is living her life out loud, and why she wants to inspire others to achieve their dreams in spite of adversity.

We’re exploring: 

  • Why Andrea revaluated the things that matter in her life after her breast cancer diagnosis
  • The responsibility of being a survivor (and why she shares her cancer journey)
  • Andrea’s shock at a second unrelated cancer diagnosis, and what that meant for her
  • POWERFUL advice for slowing down to live your life on purpose
  • How cancer gives new perspective on who we are
  • Shining a light on the transition from treatment to SUCCESSFUL survivorship
  • Andrea shares why she is living the life she loves (and following her dreams!)
  • Why she calls her cancer journey “beautiful”
  • Breaking down the stigma of seeing a therapist 
  • We reflect on personal stories of the impact of COVID-19
  • And so much more!

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