Episode 78: The Retreat My Soul Needed

Did you know that depression and anxiety are a common long term side effect of cancer treatment? If you’ve been feeling down, you’re not alone! I’ve been feeling the same way.

So when I had the opportunity to be a participant at a Casting For Recovery retreat for women who’ve received a breast cancer diagnosis, I jumped in knowing it was exactly what my soul needed. Want to know more?

In this episode, I’m sharing everything you want to know about Casting for Recovery, and why I think you should apply for it RIGHT NOW!

I’m exploring:

  • Why support groups are valuable at ANY stage of a cancer journey
  • How Casting for Recovery gave us the opportunity to ask questions we never wanted to ask
  • The SURPRISING thing that happened when I spoke about lymphedema
  • And much more!

Learn more about Casting for Recovery, or jump in and apply

Check out Episode 44 of Unspoken Cancer Truths® “Fly Fishing for Survivorship Support with Wendy Gawlik” for more about Casting for Recovery retreats!

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