Episode 62: Thriving Beyond Cancer with Athena Scalise Waitt

More and more people with cancer are living (and thriving!) beyond treatment. How can healthcare providers better meet their needs in a post-treatment world? I’m diving into this question with triple-negative breast cancer survivor thriver and mom of two, Athena Scalise Waitt.

In this episode, she’s opening up about the ways she took control of her cancer & wellness journey, the unspoken side-effects of cancer treatments, and we’ll dive into why there’s still so much more to be done for survivorship care.

We’re exploring: 

  • Why Athena believes an earlier stroke was connected to her breast cancer diagnosis
  • What’s different about treating triple-negative breast cancer (and what it meant for Athena)
  • Her choice to have a bilateral mastectomy—and the silver lining of her “upgrade” a couple years later
  • Chemo brain, libido, and other (NORMAL!) lasting impacts of cancer treatments that no one talks about
  • What we think should be happening during post-treatment risk periods
  • How practitioner bias is impeding survivorship care plans 
  • And so much more!

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