Episode 66: Transcend Your Trauma with Sue Bowe

The survivorship journey presents its own unique challenges—although your cancer treatments may be done, there are many mental and emotional health aspects of living through cancer that still need to be addressed.

This is the speciality area of Trauma Alchemist Sue Bowe.

She’s passionate about helping people use their trauma as a catalyst for growth and positive changes to move forward with their lives.

In this episode, Sue dives into the stigmas around addressing emotional health, her unique approach to healing trauma, and the POWER of transcending through the adversities you’ve experienced on your cancer journey.

We’re exploring:

  • How Sue works to peel back the layers of unconscious trauma
  • The individuality of how people experience the same traumatic events
  • Why standard coping mechanisms are not enough for the pandemic’s mental health crisis
  • Finding enjoyment in the “new normal” of living through a pandemic
  • The importance of accepting your limitations and leaning into others for help
  • Common and uncommon ways that we recognize trauma
  • The lasting physical and emotional trauma of cancer treatments
  • And so much more!

If you’d like to know more about Sue Bowe’s approach to trauma (Trauma Alchemy), there’s more info here: 
Empowering Life After Trauma
Intentional Post Traumatic Growth

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From Chemist to Alchemist, Sue leverages both corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds, with almost two decades in personal transformation and trauma healing. Surviving childhood sexual abuse, a traumatic divorce and the suicide of her 19-year old son, Sue has first hand experience of transcending trauma and post traumatic growth. She’s on a mission to accelerate human consciousness evolution and that starts with courageous healing of one brave soul at a time.

Sue works with successful healers and leaders who are frustrated with operating at less than their potential. They know that old emotional wounds and trauma need to be resolved to get them unstuck and moving forward with their dreams. Sue guides them through a rapid, alchemical experience to address the root cause of the issue at the mental, emotional and energetic levels, so they gain the freedom to make a bigger contribution in the world with purpose and ease.

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