Episode 42: When Your Arm Can Predict the Weather (More Lymphedema Facts and my Favorite Tips for Managing It!)

If your arm can predict the weather within a 48 hour window, then you know the struggles around this condition that isn’t talked about nearly enough: lymphedema. Last week I broke down what the heck a lymphatic system is, what lymphedema is, who may be at risk for developing it, and some facts and fiction around this little understood topic. But if you or a loved one are suffering from lymphedema, I wanted to bring you even more because I’m SUPER passionate about this topic. So this week I’m diving into some actionable steps you can start taking TODAY to manage your lymphedema and 7 facts you should know about it.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The surprising number of breast cancer survivors who develop lymphedema (and further out from treatment than you think!)
  • Who should be screened for lymphedema
  • Why baseline measurements are SO important (BEFORE surgery or treatment starts!)
  • When you can (and SHOULDN’T) wear your older compression sleeves
  • All about compression sleeves, when to wear them, how often to replace them, and why they help
  • Off the shelf vs custom compression sleeves
  • How to manage the varying and confusing cost of compression garments
  • Fighting insurance battles around your compression sleeves
  • The BIGGEST challenges in managing lymphedema
  • Why not all lymphatic drainage massage is not created equal and may NOT help your lymphedema (it’s so important to look for this ONE thing when finding a massage therapist!)
  • The stigma around this condition and why it may be keeping you living in fear and your condition worsening
  • Tips for managing your lymphedema while flying
  • The ONE largest negative outcome of keeping quiet about this topic
  • And more!

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