Episode 46: Keeping Fitness Joyful with Michelle Stravitz (Fitness in Survivorship, Part 4 of 5)

All month I’ve been talking with survivors who are making fitness fun to bring you this series on Fitness in Survivorship, because whether you were a super athlete or totally sedentary before your diagnosis, fitness looks different during and after your cancer treatments (which can feel SO frustrating!) But I’m here to help you flip the idea of exercise from something daunting to something fun that you want to come back to again and again,

Today I’m joined by triple negative breast cancer survivor and founder of 2Unstoppable, Michelle Stravitz. 2Unstoppable is an organization whose mission is to inspire and support women to get moving during and well beyond treatment, and Michelle’s energy and recommendations to bring joy back to your fitness journey (and why it’s so important!) will leave you ready to get up and get moving again. 

We’re sharing:

  • The thing you might be missing from your fitness routine that can make a HUGE difference
  • Why Michelle started asking her friends to go on walks with her when they asked how to help, and why it was a total game changer for her
  • The counterintuitive advice she got from her doctor that actually really, really helped her!
  • How Michelle modified her yoga practice for her during recovery (and her favorite tips for  creating or modifying a movement practice to fit YOU in your own journey)
  • The surprising statistics surrounding exercise and breast cancer survivorship and recurrence rates
  • Examples of where to sneak in movement (exercise doesn’t have to look like hours at the gym to reap you the benefits!)
  • How to get accountability (even during COVID or if you don’t live near friends or family that can exercise with you in person)
  • Why hiring a personal trainer at the gym could actually keep you from reaching your fitness goals in survivorship
  • Michelle’s favorite ways to switch up activities to keep it joyful
  • And so much more!

If you’re looking for an accountability partner who gets it (for free!), check out 2Unstoppable

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