Episode 57:Navigating Healthcare in a Pandemic w/ Dana Hutson

What are the short and long term-effects of the pandemic on cancer screenings, diagnoses, and treatments? We’re diving into this question this week with returning guest, Dana Hutson. As a consultant, facilitator, and advocate at Cancer Champions, she helps families gain clarity in the confusion of a cancer diagnosis and navigate the healthcare system with confidence.

On this episode, Dana is sharing some of the challenges (and silver linings!) of COVID on cancer & healthcare, bring awareness to advanced directives, as well as her BEST advice for navigating COVID restrictions so you can be an empowered advocate for yourself and your family. 

We’re diving into:

  • STAGGERING statistics on the negative impacts of COVID on cancer screenings, diagnoses, and treatments — and what this mean for long term outcomes
  • Financial stresses of the pandemic that are often overlooked
  • A curious conundrum of “elective” treatments for cancer
  • The silver lining of COVID guidelines on healthcare systems and accessibility
  • We remove the stigma around end-of-life plans (and why it’s never too early to make one!)
  • Everything you want to know about the COVID vaccine — plus, Dana debunks some common vaccine myths
  • Dana’s TOP TIPS for supporting your loved ones facing COVID hospital restrictions
  • And so much more!

For more information about Cancer Champions visit here

Five Wishes is a non-profit organization that helps you make a plan for uncertain times

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